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Welcome to Food or Foe!


As Food or Foe Magazine gets ready for its imminent launch (watch this space!), here’s a quick introduction to what we do.

Food or Foe is an online food magazine like no other. It is a culinary explorer, an inquisitive tongue, that questions our current food knowledge as it sets out to push back the boundaries between what is edible and what is not, between what is Food and what is Foe.

Our aim is not to simply regurgitate old and traditional recipes using standardised ingredient combinations, but rather completely revolutionise the way in which food should be seen and used. We believe that there is no right and wrong way of doing things in the kitchen.

We hasten to add that we are not Michelin starred chefs, nor do we claim to be, but we are young, keen, ambitious and incredibly foolhardy. So, follow us as we create new twists in the kitchen – and no doubt there will be a few mistakes along the way.

If you would like to be involved in Food or Foe, then please contact us on

We are currently looking for cooking enthusiasts who are willing to send us their own new and completely unique recipes.

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